Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama to pick Hitlary b/c of Biden's "illness" (posted 9/22/08)

Well I received some VERY disturbing news today. I did not get this info from some internet crap page or anything like that. I received this info from an extremely trusted source. It was brought to my attention that someone very, very, very close to the Obama camp heard that around October 5, 2008, Senator Biden is going to resign the VP nomination due to "health reasons". Obama is then supposed to pick Hitlary as his next VP candidate. Apparently it was threatened by Hitlary that either Obama get Biden to resign and pick or or lose the election.

This move would not surprise me due to what that vile creature Hitlary is known for doing. If this truly comes down the pike and Hitlary gets the VP nod, then I hope that everyone that is for Obama right now will absolutely turn on him. I already think that America is turning out more sheeple by the hour and this is the sad state of affairs that this once great country has come to. No one stands up for themselves anymore, including our "leaders".

I have been an Obama supporter and I wouldn't mind seeing him get into office, but if this event occurs ... I will lose all respect for what he has stated he stood for. My wish is that the American people would wake up and try someone from another party instead of keeping things status quo. I've spoken to alot of people in regards to that very topic and they all say they are on board while talking about it, but will they actually not waste their vote and vote for something else. I highly doubt it. So when this country continues to go to hell in a handbasket, don't look to these so called leaders ... look to yourself ... you're the ones who put these people there in the first place.

So we shall see if this actually comes to light in the days ahead .....