Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama to pick Hitlary b/c of Biden's "illness" (posted 9/22/08)

Well I received some VERY disturbing news today. I did not get this info from some internet crap page or anything like that. I received this info from an extremely trusted source. It was brought to my attention that someone very, very, very close to the Obama camp heard that around October 5, 2008, Senator Biden is going to resign the VP nomination due to "health reasons". Obama is then supposed to pick Hitlary as his next VP candidate. Apparently it was threatened by Hitlary that either Obama get Biden to resign and pick or or lose the election.

This move would not surprise me due to what that vile creature Hitlary is known for doing. If this truly comes down the pike and Hitlary gets the VP nod, then I hope that everyone that is for Obama right now will absolutely turn on him. I already think that America is turning out more sheeple by the hour and this is the sad state of affairs that this once great country has come to. No one stands up for themselves anymore, including our "leaders".

I have been an Obama supporter and I wouldn't mind seeing him get into office, but if this event occurs ... I will lose all respect for what he has stated he stood for. My wish is that the American people would wake up and try someone from another party instead of keeping things status quo. I've spoken to alot of people in regards to that very topic and they all say they are on board while talking about it, but will they actually not waste their vote and vote for something else. I highly doubt it. So when this country continues to go to hell in a handbasket, don't look to these so called leaders ... look to yourself ... you're the ones who put these people there in the first place.

So we shall see if this actually comes to light in the days ahead .....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You Want Change ???

Change. Does anyone know the definition of change ? More important ... do you really want change ??? I say NAY ... you're afraid and here's why .............................................

Miriam Webster defines change as : to make radically different. Hmmm ... what a concept. We hear Obama talk about change, we hear McCain talk about change and we hear American's talk about change. However, what I don't see is American's REALLY wanting change. America has two main political factions, the Democrats and Republicans and neither party knows their ass from a hole in the ground, but we continue to follow these two parties and these two parties only. Why ? All I knew or heard about politics growing up, involved these two parties ... yet during my lifetime nothing has been "radically different" or another word "changed". It always the same banter on both sides of the table ... the Democrats say that the Republicans have lost touch with the American people. Then the Republicans say the same about the Democrats and so on and so forth. It's been this way for years and years ... yet the same issues come up and the same result comes up. Hmmm ... kind of brings me to the definition of insanity as per Albert Einstein : doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting different results. Could the answer to our political problems be that the American people are insane ??? Perhaps, but what's the treatment ? I'll tell you what the treatment is ... CHANGE !!!

However, I am not talking about the change that is preached senselessly over the TV during this "election" time ... I call it more of "appointed" time. As another old saying goes ... "he who finishes with the most wins". The thing is ... America has more than just two political parties ... there are Libertarians, Independents, Green Party people, etc. And what really gets me is that alot of the older generations as well as many of the younger people laugh at the notion that I am actually educated and studied enough to have my beliefs in a different party than just the two from yesteryear that never does anything but confuse people and mess up America more and more all the while saying that it's for the better. Another reaction is anger. Anger that I would "waste" my vote on another party that has no chance of winning. Well ... I am a believer in CHANGE and I laugh at those who think that by casting their vote for a Democrat or Republican just because "that's whose going to win" because I am actually thinking on my own and not being a sheep .... errrr .... follower of this "intelligent" majority. I think that by people just giving up their vote to one of these two ruling parties is a waste. And you know what ... it's not change !!! It's more of the same. Then there are those ... which is another large number who actually agree with me when I talk about change. The sad thing is ... they won't follow through b/c they are afraid of change.

I hear alot of people preach about having a positive attitude. How can I when I am among a bunch of defeatists. I try to have a positive attitude, but someone like me who has an opinion gets pushed aside because I "ramble" or "get on a soap box". Well ... I"m an American and I have the right to ramble. But back to my "political soap box" ... the deafeatists say that I should cast my vote for one of the candidates nominated to represent THEIR party. See ... and that's what it is to me ... THEIR party ... not mine so let me cast my vote to whom I want and not who YOU want. Seriously ... look at our last two presidents. A Clinton and a Bush ... neither one has done anything worth a crap. Actually, our country is worse b/c of these two AND the same systems and agencies are still in place; plus a few more agencies wasting more time and money. Oh ... and what do you think that Obama and McCain will do ??? Add more programs and take more freedoms away from you and put more power into the government. The question is what will either of these men add to the country ? What I see is another LBJ coming in ... adding more social programs to the already broken system. You say it will help all those poor people and less fortunate. I say it will only hurt all those people b/c it will give them more excuses not to work and continue to ask for more handouts ... from YOU !!! Do we really know where our tax money goes ??? It sure as hell can't be going into the programs that they say it does b/c everything is broken. What about this Fair Tax Plan that we hear every now and again. It sure sounds good ... I mean ... it would get rid of the IRS and put more money into the pocket of American's. But wait ... that would involve change wouldn't it ??? But isn't that what you're after ??? CHANGE ??? Apparently not. The thing is ... that is just ONE program changing and it can't even get through the House of Representatives. It would actually simplify the way we get our money and the way those evil taxes can lighten up. But no ... that would involve CHANGE ... something you're not willing to do.

If you think less taxes is the way to go ... you're wrong. How are you going to pay for all these mistakes the government continues to make without taxes ??? The government HAS TO tax us b/c we have alot of things to pay for. How do we get our troops back from the war without money to pay for the gas in the planes to get them home ? You can't. How are you going to continue to pay for all these social programs that you don't benefit from ? For as long as these two "main parties" are in control the government will have to tax you to death b/c no one is willing to stand up !!! Yet there are ways ... such as the Fair Tax Plan to get out of alot of this debt and get rid of these worthless government programs ... but again ... the "intelligent" majority says "No" ... we can't change like that. To that I say ... you say you can't ... but to me "CAN'T" never did anything. What you are trying to say is that you WON'T. There is a difference.

I am not an extremist or anything like that. I am just one person w/ a voice ... asking whomever reads this to look at this country and their beliefs and then research which party represents you the best and then follow your results. If you choose not to ... then in my opinion, you have zero right to complain about anything government related and how crappy the government is.

So I say to you ... if this is the time for change ... make a REAL CHANGE ... vote for someone YOU believe in ... not a pipe dream of the uneducated.